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Audio Digest Topical Collections

Explore Hot Topics Relevant to Your Practice

Our new Topical Collections bridge our many specialty offerings to deliver practical, focused content surrounding a specific disease, infection, condition, or healthcare issue. Each collection includes five or more CME accredited playlists, with at least 10 lectures per playlist.

Now Available for Purchase:

Mental Health Conditions
2. Dementia
3. Depression
5. Suicide
6. Substance Abuse
Cardiovascular Medicine
1. Hyperlipidemia
2. Hypertension
3. Myocardial Infarction
4. Stroke
5. Heart Failure
Pain Management
1. Migraine
2. Fibromyalgia
3. Back Pain
4. Opioids
5. Palliative Care
6. Chronic Pain
Infectious Diseases
1. Sexually transmitted diseases
2. Hospital-acquired Infections
3. Emerging infectious diseases
4. Antibiotics
5. Vaccinations
6. Infections in adults
7. Infections in children
Patient Safety
1. Patient Safety/Medical Errors
2. Risk Management
3. Quality improvement
4. Ethics
5. Opioid Safety
6. Suicide: Signs and Symptoms
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Why Audio Digest Topical Collections?

Be prepared to identify and manage prevalent conditions.
1 in 5 Americans suffer from depression, according to the National Alliance on Mental Health; stay on top of assessment and treatment recommendations for conditions such as suicide, depression, prescription drug abuse and more.

Better understand diagnosis and treatment across team-based healthcare.
The rise in opioid prescriptions has increased the risk for misuse; learn how to avoid these risks with your patients and healthcare delivery partners.

Learn ways to improve patient quality and safety.
Access expertise that can help reduce readmissions, avoid medical errors, and improve patient outcomes.

Gain insight into new treatment methods across primary care.
New drugs and devices are entering the market at a record pace. Listen in on how to leverage new treatment options for cardiovascular disease.

Anticipate needs in infectious disease prevention and treatment.
STIs, hospital-acquired infections, and emerging infectious diseases are on the rise. Hear our expert speakers discuss these and more in our Topical Collections.

These lectures are for general CME/CE use, and do not necessarily meet your state’s and/or institution’s specific CME/CE requirements for patient safety, risk management, opioid prescribing, etc. Check your individual state and institution to verify continuing education requirements related to licensure and certification.


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