AudioDigest — Supporting the Medical Community and Improving Patient Care Since 1952

AudioDigest — Driven, Focused and Committed to Continuing Medical Education

Our Mission

At AudioDigest, our mission is to provide high-quality, convenient, and affordable continuing medical education to physicians and other healthcare professionals — so they can meet their ever-expanding CME/MOC requirements to learn and improve patient care, thereby enhancing the health of the general public.

What do we aim to instill into our work culture? The enduring belief that nowhere is the commitment to education stronger or more vital than it is in the medical profession. And that the lifelong pursuit of knowledge in medicine reveals the true purpose of medicine — the betterment of life for all people.

Our mission was, is, and always will be a steadfast commitment to serve the medical profession through continuing medical education and lifelong learning.

Our History

From its earliest days, AudioDigest’s prime focus has been to ensure that doctors, nurses, and all members of the medical community are able to receive proper CME/MOC.

Since our foundation back in 1952, AudioDigest has been committed to providing high-quality, up-to-date recorded medical lectures and vital CME/CE/MOC content to healthcare professionals. Over six decades of service to our valued customers, clients and educational partners, we’ve evolved from a reel-to-reel business to one of the most technically advanced online CME platforms.

Learn more about our technology and our history and how it all began.

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